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Thank you, Spirit of Math!

Community Spirit + Spirit of Math= Gratitude          

Thanks to the Central Toronto Campus of Spirit of Math for your continued support of Huron Playschool. We are grateful for your donation and glad to be your neigbour.

Amazing Activities at Playschool!

One of the very good things about co-op shifts is the opportunity to see the very cool things your child gets up at school. Today's selection of activities was particularly amazing. 

Some were making fresh-squeezed orange juice! 

Kids squeezing oranges

Others were practicing the Japanese art of ikebana (flower arrangement). 

The water table was also open and the water was BLUE! 

And if all else fails, there is always painting. With sparkles. 

Kind of goes without saying that we had a very good morning. 


Every Picture Tells a Story

Two ice cream cones with all the fixings:

Choose a cup if you don't care for a cone:


Also tragic!!:

But don't cry. You can always go back and get another. 

Field Trip: A Visit to the Museum

Among the many best things about our neighbourhood is that we never have to venture very far for an excellent field trip. Yesterday the children in the morning program visited the ROM and we had a very good time.

ROM Walking

Holding hands while walking!

Dinosaurs are impressive.

T-Rex ahead! 

Having fun in the hands-on play area.

Learning to master hieroglyphics!

And who doesn't love searching for dino bones? 

PS If you do, we recommend the wonderful Canadian picture book, Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

Book Cover Drumheller

The Legacies of Rochdale College

Huron Playschool received a mention in the Toronto Star's article this weekend about the legacy of Rochdale College, the utopian co-op dream that turned into a bit of a nighmare. But Rochdale led to several Toronto Institutions that are still around nearly half a century later, including House of Anansi Press, Coach House Books, Theatre Passse Muraille, THIS Magazine, the Hassle Free Clinic, and the Merril Collection of Science Fiction. And last, but not least of all, our very own Huron Playschool, which continues to keep Rochdale's cooperative dreams alive. 

Playschool: "Safe and inclusive for all families."

Playschool Books

Thanks to Playschool Parent Nellie for sharing this testimonial to our programs! 

My daughter attended Huron Playschool for two years before starting junior kindergarten. She has always been an active girl, but Playschool gave her greater confidence in speech, group play, and even her eating habits have improved since joining. Before she left Playschool, my son also joined at the age of two. When he was a baby, I was able to do my co-op shift with him in my baby carrier, so that he too benefited from the Playschool environment. Even when not on co-op duty, I often visited with him. He now stays for the full morning and afternoon program. I truly appreciated the flexibility to co-op with the younger sibling. As a Playschool parent, I am engaged in the program and learning about the development of other children. As a result, I feel more confident as a parent and a caregiver. My children absolutely adore their teacher, Tracey Pegg, who keeps playtime simple, active and imaginative. She is also very good at positive reinforcement and problem solving, which is critical for making Playschool safe and inclusive for all families.

Happy International Women's Day!

Book Cover Rad Women Worldwide

"A good education is important to us..."

Our sign

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing testimonials from families who want to show our playschool some love. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Here's our first, from Parent A.Y.: 

As a good education is important to us, when looking for an after school program for our son who is in Junior Kindergarten, we were very fortunate to come across Huron Playschool.

Tracey is passionate about her work and it shows. She is a talented and compassionate teacher. The children have a great time here with so many activities to choose from, including outings like going to museums. They also learn about expressing themselves and being respectful to each other.

The school is very inclusive, tolerant and accommodating with busy family schedules. I would recommend Huron Playschool to any parents and children!

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