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Story Time is All the Time

At playschool, we know that books are not just for story time, but that books are for all the time. In this photo, our excellent student teacher Warisha is reading new favourite A Family is a Family is a Family to the children in the afternoon program who are finishing their snacks.

Children reading a story

The Playschool Grocery Store

The big event this week was the opening of the Huron Playschool Grocery Store. Everybody's going shopping! (PS We're so grateful for our excellent student teachers who help make awesome things like this happen.)

Grocery Store



What's on the Walls at Playschool?

Remember back in September when the walls were bare? Well, now they're covered with paintings, and collages, and glitter, and sparkles, and it makes the entire classroom so familiar and warm. 

Party Cakes



Happy New Year!

Kids in the sand

Winter itself has gone into hibernation, so we've been playing in the sand in our snowsuits this week. Never let it be said that we are afraid to mix things up at Huron Playschool. 

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday and welcome back to school. 

Happy Holidays

Thanks to everybody who came out to our holiday crepe party/fundraiser on December 4. We had terrific fun, ate delicious food, and raised more than $200 for playschool's programs. And now we're winding down with our last days of programs before the holidays. There have been lots of festive songs and books and activities, plus playing out in the snow, which seems seasonally appropriate. Looking forward to seeing everybody in the new year. 

Oh, Canada!

In the "Cool Things Playschool Parents Get Up To" file, check out Playschool Parent Xin (who is also our registrar) singing "Oh, Canada" in Mandarin as part of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's Canada Mosaic "Our Shared Anthem" project, along with 11 other singers in Canada's most commonly spoken languages. You can see her video and all the others here. 

Good Times at Chipotle

Chipotle dinner

We're so grateful to Chipotle and to everyone who came out for dinner on Monday night—and there were so many of you! We were able to raise $322 to support playschool programs and—just as good—none of us had to make dinner. It was a terrific evening with playschool and alumni families visiting throughout, for take-out and also to take the opportunity to sit down and enjoy each other's company. We're all so lucky to be part of this excellent community. 

How to Dress Your Kids for Winter Weather

Kids in Snow

Winter is back! Okay, it's not as *back* as the above photo suggests; dont worry, the photo is from last year. But we've already had snow and the season is just getting started. And when it's cold outside, we still like to go out and play. And so if this is your family's first Canada winter, we've got some advice about how to dress your children warmly for winter weather so playing outside is still a lot of fun. 

1) A warm coat: The thicker the better. Warmer coats are often more expensive, but the cost can be worth it. And you can usually get a great deal by picking up coats second-hand. Check out Value Village or any kids clothing consignment store. 

2) Snowpants: These usually come with the winter coat, although you can also purchase them separately. Snowpants keep the wind out and mean that when children come in from outdoor play and peel off their layers, the clothes underneath are usually dry. 

3) Boots: A good pair of boots will keep toes warm and socks dry. Remember to bring indoor shoes for children to change into. 

4) Mittens: A good parenting tip I learned is to buy a whole bunch of cheap mittens and keep them in a basket. Children will spend all winter long losing one mitten and then the other, so it's always good to have some spares on hand. 

5) A Neckwarmer: More portable than a scarf and safer too, a neckwarm keeps the wind off one's collar. Not essential but nice to have. 

6) A Hat: There is a brief window in childhood (post baby and before preteen) in which children are actually willing to wear their winter hats. Take advantage of this with something that covers the ears. And with a hood pulled up over a warm hat, the child inside can expect to be snuggly warm. 

7) Finally, try to ensure that all roads lead to hot chocolate. With marshmallows. 

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