Huron Playschool Cooperative

"A good education is important to us..."

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Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing testimonials from families who want to show our playschool some love. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Here's our first, from Parent A.Y.: 

As a good education is important to us, when looking for an after school program for our son who is in Junior Kindergarten, we were very fortunate to come across Huron Playschool.

Tracey is passionate about her work and it shows. She is a talented and compassionate teacher. The children have a great time here with so many activities to choose from, including outings like going to museums. They also learn about expressing themselves and being respectful to each other.

The school is very inclusive, tolerant and accommodating with busy family schedules. I would recommend Huron Playschool to any parents and children!

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