Huron Playschool Cooperative


By Bettina Ambuehl

One of many mornings in the life of a preschooler:

“Leonie, put on your jacket, please!” – nothing – “Put on your jacket, now! We are running late!” – nothing. Mom trying to sound patient: “Do you want to put on your jacket yourself or should I do it for you?” – nothing – Mom starts to put the jacket on Leonie – Leonie screaming: “NOOO! I do it myself!” – she tries for a second – “Muuummaaa help!” ...

After another 15 minutes of struggle we finally leave the door.

And then, one memorable morning:

Mom: “Leonie we need to go, would you please put on your jacket?” – nothing. Then: “Mommy do you want to see something?” Mom a little suspicious: “Sure?” 

Leonie lays her jacket very carefully upside down in front of her. She walks around it, rearranges it again upside down. She slips her hands into the sleeves and: Flip-flop-over-the-top the jacket is on! Leonie beaming with pride: “We do this in Playschool.”

Thankyou Playschool!

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