Huron Playschool Cooperative

My name is Apollo

I am 3 and a half years old. I like trains, trucks and all transportation things. I also like to play pretend games with my sister, Nara. We pretend that we are on a train with our stuffed animals. I say really loud, ALL ABOARD!! Sometimes I like dressing up in princess dresses too. I’m not so big on drawing pictures like Nara. I love playing with my friends at Playschool, like Roshi. I love my teachers, Tracey, Amy, Julia, and Christine. Sometimes I don’t do what my mom says, but when she says, “brush your teeth and get your socks on, then we’ll go to Playschool” then I say YAY and get ready. I’m not a baby but I don’t want to grow up because I love playing at Playschool so so much.


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