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Thanks to Playschool Parent Nellie for sharing this testimonial to our programs! 

My daughter attended Huron Playschool for two years before starting junior kindergarten. She has always been an active girl, but Playschool gave her greater confidence in speech, group play, and even her eating habits have improved since joining. Before she left Playschool, my son also joined at the age of two. When he was a baby, I was able to do my co-op shift with him in my baby carrier, so that he too benefited from the Playschool environment. Even when not on co-op duty, I often visited with him. He now stays for the full morning and afternoon program. I truly appreciated the flexibility to co-op with the younger sibling. As a Playschool parent, I am engaged in the program and learning about the development of other children. As a result, I feel more confident as a parent and a caregiver. My children absolutely adore their teacher, Tracey Pegg, who keeps playtime simple, active and imaginative. She is also very good at positive reinforcement and problem solving, which is critical for making Playschool safe and inclusive for all families.

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