Huron Playschool Cooperative



We aim to provide a gentle start to a child’s school years. As a co-operative school, parents and teachers work closely together to help develop each child’s confidence and independence as well as social, intellectual and physical skills.

Parents are responsible for everything from maintenance to the budget. Co-operating parents participate in many ways including assisting in the classroom during regularly scheduled "co-op days", provide a snack for the class in scheduled rotation, and are asked to take on one administrative duty.

Being a part of a co-operative demands time and energy but the rewards are well worth the investment. The parents at Huron Playschool Co-operative learn from each other, support each other and develop close and lasting friendships. It is a unique experience for children and for parents.

A limited number of non co-operating positions are available for an additional monthly fee, for families unable to meet the co-working responsibilities.


Huron Playschool is licensed by the Ministry of Education. The Playschool is run by co-operating families in conjunction with the annually elected parent Executive Committee. Huron Playschool is a member of the Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation.

For further information please call the Playschool at 416-977-1109 or email