Week long summer camps available from ages 2.5 to 6 years.

Families can enrol in summer camps on a monthly basis during July and August, excluding the final two weeks of summer before the start of the school year. Our summer camp runs as a full day program and does not have a built in naptime.

During summer camp, there are extended times of outdoor play at the green spaces and playgrounds located near the school. Wednesdays include outdoor waterplay (sprinkler, squeeze bottles, water toys, etc). Each week will have a theme as well.

Just as in our regular program, children are encouraged to care for each other and their environment, play co-operatively, develop their independence, and communicate their needs and interests. Children learn at Playschool through outdoor play, exploration in nature, gross motor movement, art, and sensory and imaginative play. We have a lot of fun together!

  • Ages 2.5-5
Ages 2.5-6
Drop Off
9:00 AM
Pick Up
2:45 PM
Days per week
Monthly Fee
Morning Snack + Lunch
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Program Details

The Summer Program has space for 24 children supervised by 3 RECE teachers. Our days follow a loose routine that encourages students to engage in themed activities and learn through play.

Each day includes:

  • free play and planned activities
  • circle-time with music, storytelling and movement activities
  • healthy morning snack
  • healthy lunch
  • outdoor play in the local park/green spaces
  • extra curricular activities associated with the theme of the week

*Following implementation of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, all Huron Playschool fees have been reduced by 52.75%.  For children under 2.5-5 years old, a 5 day week of summer camp is $510.30/month. 3 day week of summer camp is $385.09/month. 

**Playschool is closed the last two weeks of August. Monthly fees remain the same.