Duty ParentsA Day In The Life of Huron Playschool Morning Program

February 6, 2018by Web Admin

by Kate Burgess

I had a lovely co-op shift at Playschool this morning, and wanted to share what the children were up to today.

The morning started outside in the wintery snow of the park. One by one the group arrived to cheerful excited greetings from their friends. We went in the swings, dug for dinosaur bones (haven’t found any yet!) and pretended to be puppies.

Then, we headed inside to warm up again in the cozy playschool. Once winter boots and snow pants were off and indoor shoes were on, we washed hands and sat at the table for snack time. We enjoyed red pepper, pears, and delicious homemade mini blueberry muffins!

After that, everyone was ready to start exploring around the classroom and find something just right to do to suit everyone’s mood. The group spread out. Scissors and tissue paper sat on the light table inviting little hands to come try out some satisfying little snips and admire the colours. The sand bin attracted a small group who helped me to make a pretend cake. We cracked in our eggs, sifted in our flour, added some stone ‘cocoa’ and were sure to mix it well with our spoons. Many of the children took a turn to play quietly with the wooden menorah, carefully balancing in each candle and adding in the flame. Others worked on the train number puzzle, played with the babies, or grabbed a book to sit and rest. A collage station was set up which welcomed the group to come try out their hand at gluing beautiful assorted craft pieces with different textures into a piece of construction paper. There was certainly lots to do.

Soon, an exciting visitor arrived with a warm greeting and it was time to gather on the carpet with

Jennielea! She started clapping and singing with her tambourine and immediately the group joined her in clapping and echoing her song back to her. Favourites included Where Is Thumbkin and Little Bunny FouFou. We also got to stand up and move around the circle which was great fun for everyone.

The fun and excitement did not end there. We all went up to the open church gymnasium and Amy led us in running back and forth together from one wall to the other. Then, “let’s go!” again and again. Getting out lots of energy and lots of smiles all around.

Before we said goodbye, we sat down together to thank our wonderful co-op students on their final day with us. We presented them with a gift and a huge card to express our appreciation.

What a full, fun, fantastic morning!